Microsoft Dynamics 365

For maximum productivity and efficiency in your business.

As an official Microsoft partner, we are at your side when it comes to licensing, implementing and administering Dynamics 365.


As a Microsoft partner, we are at your side when it comes to the optimal use of Dynamics 365. Our services: PROCESS ANALYSIS | PROCESS OPTIMIZATION | EVALUATION | TECHNICAL CONSULTING | FUNCTIONAL CONSULTING | ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTING


A successful implementation of a new software system requires a well thought-out strategy and is based on experience.

Our services:


We analyze your existing version with our software devonso in the shortest possible time.

Taking into account the new features of the current version of Dynamics 365 and the possibly changed requirements of your company, we design and implement your future system.

Using a specially developed migration tool, we transfer your data from the old to the new system.

Our services:


A well thought-out licensing plan can make a significant difference to running costs – especially for subscription-based cloud applications. As a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, we work with you to ensure that you have the right licenses at all times.  Our services: CONSULTING | PROCUREMENT | ADMINISTRATION | OPTIMIZATION


The use of a software system only pays for itself if the daily tasks are performed faster and uniform procedures can be established. Process optimization does not only play a role during system implementation. By defining KPI’s and implementing mechanisms for their continuous measurement, optimization approaches can be recognized and treated.  Through our expertise in the area of process optimization in particular using the reference model CMMI, we ensure that continuous process optimization becomes an easy task. Our services: PROCESS ANALYSIS | KPI | AUTOMATION | MEASUREMENT | ANALYSIS INSTITUTIONALIZATION


Meaningful evaluations are only possible when the database is complete and of high quality. The migration of the data relevant for a system plays an enormous role not only at the time of introduction. We define and categorize the system-relevant data. We identify possible sources in your enterprise for the purchase of these data and develop procedures for the transfer of the data into your system. Our services: CONSULTING | RELEVANCE ANALYSIS | DATA MODEL ANALYSIS | ETL



One of the important advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its flexibility and extensibility.

A platform with factory supplied modules (apps) that can be 100% adapted to existing requirements if required.

A platform predestined for fast development of additional modules / apps.

Our expert team in the area of software development with expertise in Dynamics 365 Development, Flows, PowerApps, .NET programming, web and mobile app development realizes your requirements in the shortest possible time.

Our services:


Best Practices – knowing them saves a lot of time and nerves. Regardless of whether you are a user, administrator or project manager – it is the secure handling of a system that makes the hoped-for increase in efficiency possible. Our interactive training courses ensure that the required knowledge is identified and successfully communicated to the participants. So that it can also be applied. Our training courses are tailored to your needs, include the topics relevant to you and address the peculiarities of your system. Our trainer, a former “Microsoft Certified Trainer” and an experienced consultant, plans and conducts the training courses in coordination with you on your premises. The costs incurred for you are our daily rates and independent of the number of participants. Our services: USER TRAINING | ADMINISTRATOR TRAINING | PROJECT MANAGER TRAINING


A functioning support must be knowledgeable and above all available on demand. Our support employees are not call center employees, but developers and consultants. Our goal is the immediate solution of the problem and thus the satisfaction of your employees. Our services: USER SUPPORT | ADMINISTRATOR SUPPORT


Is your system optimally set up? 

With devonso – a software developed by us ourselves – we can compile the current status of the adaptations or programming in your system in just a few days and provide you with a complete technical or functional documentation of your system.

Furthermore, in comparison with the current features of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can identify optimization approaches and present recommendations for optimizing the system. 

Our services:


Implementation, optimization or migration.  Such projects can be lengthy and very costly – regardless of which phase. We will gladly take over the management of your project or assist you with coaching and advise you in word and deed. Our goals: Reduction of costs, minimization of risks and acceleration of processes. Our services: PROJECT MANAGEMENT | COACHING 


Is it really enough to define processes and have them implemented in the system? How can you ensure that they are practiced? How do you know if they are still valid? We work with you to develop a concept to ensure the quality of your data and processes. We optimize your system to a degree where automatic reports can be provided periodically or on demand, taking into account relevant KPI’s to increase the quality of data and processes. Our services: PROCESS ANALYSIS | DATA QUALITY ANALYSIS | PROCESS DEVELOPMENT | IMPLEMENTATION

Dynamics 365 Sales

More sales and a higher success rate for your sales team.

Manage sales-related information from initial customer contact to contract conclusion with intuitive, guided processes.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Increase customer loyalty and experience.

Manage each customer contact in a personalized service while simplifying the work of your customer service staff with a unified, consistent process chain.

​Dynamics 365 Marketing

Increase customer demand for your products and services.

Give your employees the ability to find and manage leads. Unify marketing and sales by accessing a unified database.

Dynamics 365 Apps

Dynamics 365 Field Service

For an efficient and flexible field service.

Through the use of integrated intelligence, you increase the quality of your field staff and thus the satisfaction of your customers.

Dynamics 365 ​Project Service Automation

Optimize your project environment and create more efficiency and productivity.

Manage complex projects from planning, resource management, and cost management to efficient project management. Get an overview of the actual project costs at any time.

Dynamics 365 Talent

Facilitate the process of managing and recruiting new staff, from the time of application through to successful onboarding. 

Use the integration of Office 365 and LinkedIn for a modern recruitment process.

Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service

Extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service to connect directly to your customers.

Interact with your customers across multiple channels, such as live chat or SMS. Quickly implement Omnichannel’s widget into your existing Web site. Enable sustainable management of your customer chats.