Microsoft .NET Network is a software platform developed by Microsoft that enables the creation and execution of many different types of applications. A big advantage is the language independence, which allows to develop in almost any programming language.


The progressive JavaScript framework, which is one of the latest software technologies used worldwide for web development. Vue.js is a more flexible solution that allows you to structure your app the way you want.


A JavaScript library for creating interactive user interfaces and managing the view layer for web and mobile apps. Because React.js is designed to enhance the pages rendered by the website server as a whole, the apps are faster and deliver better UX.


A cross-platform for efficient development of server-side applications and network applications. Node.js is perfect for data-intensive real-time applications running on distributed devices.



SQL stands for “Structured Query Language” and is a database language for the definition of data structures in relational databases. With SQL, data can be edited – inserting, changing or deleting and retrieving data based on it.


PHP is a widely used scripting language specifically designed for web programming and used to create dynamic web pages or applications. 


HTML stands for “Hypertext Markup Language” and is a text-based markup language used to create content on the World Wide Web. HTML is used to display web pages in web browsers, to network texts and to structure content.


Cascading Style Sheets or CSS for short is a formatting language for electronic documents. Together with HTML, it is one of the core languages of the World Wide Web and describes the style of an HTML document and how the HTML elements should be displayed.

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Software Development


Custom Software Development, Programming, and Individual Software – The demand for tailored software solutions is increasing steadily. After all, standard software does not always meet the individual needs and requirements that both customers and providers have for their software in today’s time.

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